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R.E.M. wave goodbye with a big old Beach Boys sound: “We All Go Back to Where We Belong”

My Love For You Is Like... 


Why did Japan surrender? 

(The Boston Globe)


Herman’s Hermits
“I’m Into Something Good”

This was shot back in the days before people figured out how to hold guitars in public. I’m particularly fascinated by the body language of the guy with the red guitar on the right. If you translated it, it would be like a long, sustained “ummmmmmmm uhhhhhhh whuuuuu.”

Herman Cain is the biggest bigot in the race 

"Immunity from having the "race card" played is part of the Herman Cain appeal. Does he think it also means he can get away with being as hateful as the worst ’60s segregationist, only against a religious minority and not an ethnic minority?" (Salon)

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